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The Ultimate Guide to Career Attraction:
5-Part Blueprint for Success

Master the 5 most important Elements to go from Job Seeking College Graduate to Hired and Happy!

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>> How to secure your dream job by being the best interviewee using my "ASK formula" so that your interview has a 10x greater chance of success!!!

>>> Learn how to be the best candidate and how to present yourself to get noticed quicker and avoid getting lost in the sea of other graduates.

>>> Why knowing your superpower is the KEY to a happy career!

>>> How to go from fear to confidence in 90 seconds by using the "Confident Question Method" - this will rid the shaky interview feeling as you seek out your 1st career.

>>> Why slowing it down and being mindful, makes you a more attractive candidate and is the fastest way to success!

>>> And so much more...

You’ll walk away feeling confident, clear, and ready to deliver a spectacular interview that turns your dream job to a reality.

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This step-by-step training will reveal the secrets to getting your dream job with clarity, confidence and the right strategies that go beyond a job and into a career you love.

Paul Allen Silitsky, Career Coach

Meet Your Teacher

Growing up in New York City, not far from Wall Street, I knew I wanted to be an executive – but I didn’t exactly know what that would look like. After graduating from the School of Business, I landed a very respectable job as an accountant with a small accounting firm. Hard working and well paid, I trudged to work each day and gained the respect of my colleagues and upper management.

Successful and on track for promotion, I realized something was missing: happiness. I did not love my job. I was not using my super powers. So I quit. This is one of the reasons why I started career coaching, I saw too many of my peers, as well as myself stuck in a job vs in a fulfilling career. After battling a rare neurological disease that forced me into silence for 2 years I turned to mindfulness and meditation.

The experience taught the life lesson of slowing down to speed up and why I instill my career coaching with mindfulness and mindful attention to every single one of my clients. 100’s of success stories later, 5 star reviews on Google, I am more motivated than ever to help you find the career of your dreams so you can feel fulfilled in what you do every day.

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The Ultimate Guide to Career Attraction: 5-Part Blueprint for Success

Master the 5 most important pieces college graduate needs to go from job seeker to hired and happy!

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